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10 Posts for my Twitter followers to read (reread)

March 15th, 2011

Somehow I’ve managed to accumulate 100 or so Twitter followers.  I’m not always sure who they are or why they are following me.  I’m pretty sure not many have been loyal Muskblog readers for the last five years.  So after reaching this milestone I thought I’d mark it with a blog post highlighting ten of the better things I’ve written that have largely gone unread.

I did something similar around the end of the year, but those posts were the most popular.  Popularity online seems to almost directly correlate with pictures I repost from forums.  In fact I seem to get such a high percentage of Google Image search referrals that I recommend you include an image in most posts, even if you have to ‘borrow’ it.  My popular posts are often a bit dubious…

So for this list I’m trying to have no duplicates with the previous list and I’m also trying to choose posts with interesting titles in order to encourage impulse clicking.  They are in no particular order, except the order I added them to this list:

  1. Yak Genitals Mmm Mmm Good
  2. 4 AM Flower Girls
  3. The Great Wall at Badaling
  4. Yellow Mountain Kicked Ass
  5. Better Blogging
  6. Internet Cafes
  7. Another exciting day in Beijing
  8. 140 characters to rule them all
  9. My resume is now an hResume
  10. Converted

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  • I wonder who shared this on LinkedIn? I only just enabled that little widget using the Digg Digg WordPress plugin. So it was pre-widget, it wasn’t me, I keep my LinkedIn profile pretty pure and leave my crap on my blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

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