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6 Month Break

July 13th, 2014

During the six plus months I spent preparing for the Level 2 CFA® Exam I did not play any video games. Not on my computer, not on my Wii, not even on my iPhone. Actually I probably played a game on my iPhone but you have to give up a lot to prepare for the CFA exams. Now that I’m in the dark about my score and I have time on my hands I’ve been playing Sid Meier’s Civilization again and trying out some new iPhone games.

I’ve taken an even longer break from Warhammer 40,000 as detailed yesterday, but I definitely took over six months off from video games, Steam keeps track of when you last played and how often you played, but they don’t put a clock in the upper right corner anymore in Civilization. I also took over six months off from blogging…

A new game is on the horizon, two if you count Civilization Revolutions 2, which some don’t consider serious enough to be a Sid Game. Beyond Earth is the spiritual successor to the beloved Alpha Centauri perhaps the greatest Civ game of them all. In addition to not playing video games I tried not to read about video games. So I know almost nothing about the game. I spend too much time unproductively reading on my computer and iPhone. I’ll undoubtably buy this game but likely not until after I get a new job and a new computer.

My MacBook Pro doesn’t play Civilization V all that well and presumably the newest game will be even more computationally intensive. I also need a computer with a bigger hard drive, 500 gigabytes ain’t what it used to be. I’m thinking of going Mac Mini and getting an iPad Mini too for ultra portability. I will then mostly retire my MacBook Pro it doesn’t seem to run that well, maybe a fresh OS install will help, but it is well over 3 years old, time to ease into retirement…

Reflecting on my six month break from almost all hobbies, I can’t help but notice that some things one can just give up easily but other things no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you beat yourself up over, you just can’t stop doing.

Update August 2017

I finally managed to pass the Level 2 CFA exam. I still haven’t found a better job and I still haven’t replaced my old MacBook Pro. I still haven’t played Civilization Beyond Earth let alone Civ6. I have however just started to play Civilization Revolution 2 on my iPad. I eventually bought an iPad, not an iPad mini and used it exclusively to re-read the CFA curriculum as it is now digital. You can still pay extra to get actual books. I recycled all my old CFA Level 1 books I believe, because I was being forced to move and tired of staring at them. The CFA program takes a lot of sacrifices and I can’t say even after passing two of the three exams it has been worthwhile.

Update August 2018

I passed the third CFA exam on my first attempt. This means I just might know what I’m doing and what I’m blogging about after all these years. What I don’t know is what Beyond Earth or Civ6 is like as I still haven’t played either. I need a job and a new MacBook Pro hopefully in that order and soon. No one is reading these old obscure blog posts, but I used to know how to do search engine optimization and I think when I finally overhaul my website and blog, a lot of my old blog posts will perform better in search engines, who knows I could yet become Instafamous.

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  • Muskie says:

    One of the reasons I hadn’t blogged about anything and gaming in particular is I’d have to revisit all or at least most of my old posts and fix the tags, the featured images, and the excerpts so that the posts look and hopefully even perform better in search engines. Because I really want people reading about my 8 year old gaming exploits…

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