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Top 10 Level I Flashcards

December 15th, 2014
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Another CFA® Level 1 exam has come and gone. I didn’t write this one, but I’ve started studying for the CFA Level 2 exam and eventually I passed the CFA Level 3 exam. While doing too much blog maintenance and not enough studying, I’ve kept adding to my collection of physical flashcards and improving them, but the flashcards I used to pass the CFA Level 1 exam are available online and through the miracle of web analytics here are the Top 10 most popular flash cards for November 2014.

  1. 5 Assumptions of the Markowitz Portfolio Theory
  2. Covariance of A & B on BA II Plus
  3. FRA Payoff formula
  4. Annualized Forward Premium formula
  5. Cost of Trade Credit formula
  6. Maintenance Margin Formula for Stocks
  7. Sample Standard Deviation (formula)
  8. Bank Discount Basis Formula
  9. Earnings Multiplier Model (P/E Calculation via dividend payout ratio)
  10. Relative Yield Spread formula

People seem to use search engines to look up formula they have forgotten. However, the two most popular flashcards are not formulae, obviously Portfolio Theory is being heavily tested still and  the BA II Plus is one of the official calculators, it does not have a single button for covariance, so you need to remember how to calculate it given the data you have.

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