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Even More Photos of Shanghai

March 25th, 2015
Nanjing Lu in 2005

I continue to walk the streets of Shanghai and snap the odd photo with my iPhone. I really don’t have much time to be a tourist or even a drunken expat. I go to the gym, I work, I study or at least try to study for the Level 2 CFA® exam. Somedays I just have no energy left, my days off are the only times I get much studying done.

Update: I eventually passed all three CFA exams but I could not find a job afterwards but I am trying to leverage this blog more after all these years.

This will probably be my last post for a month or two unless something momentous happens. I might go to Beijing to see an old classmate, but then again that might have to wait until June. Come June I will reevaluate my life at the very least I’ll make some changes and have a little fun, but I might have to do something even more drastic or life-changing, because my life has not gone well the last ten years. I just can not get ahead working my current job, it is time consuming, tiring, and you are merely a disposable cog in a giant machine, easily replaceable by another naive American.

As always there are more photos on Flickr, the best of which will likely end up in my China album. The weather is getting warmer so my winter coat was useful for maybe two months, but other parts of China are still cold. In Shanghai it is shorts and skirts season at least on the good days. There seems to be an abundance of ever more petite women in Shanghai, especially when I take the metro. Tonight the violinist on Line 2 played “Smooth Criminal” so I gave him a tenner as the Brits would say. Haven’t seen many amazons but I am apparently keeping an eye out for a coworker who likes his women with a larger than average derrière.

Amazonian Asian women exist they are in the gyms in Shanghai and on social media if that is your style. You can leave a comment below if you have job search or other advice.

Fireworks outside my window
The Beer Train
Brazier holding canister

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