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Level 3 CFA® Study Materials

July 4th, 2018
First Practice Exam Score

I’ve been studying for the Level 3 CFA® Exam since October 1st and I honestly wish I’d started even sooner. I read all the official books, well the eBooks and did all the end of chapter problems. I made and reviewed many flashcards and during all this I did the web searches and visited forums a few times to double-check I was at least partially understanding the material. There are a lot more official and unofficial CFA study materials online than there was than when I first became a CFA Candidate. I still recommend reading the official material and doing all the official practice problems including those that are on the CFA Institute website.

Assuming you have access to Google and some diligence you can turn up all kinds of information about the CFA program and the curriculum. I have to caution against completely relying on random stuff you find online, all the questions on the actual exam should be based on the official curriculum. None the less I found a few websites that I didn’t have time to review in their entirety. Many of these websites are not accessible from inside China without a VPN because they are part of “Google”.

This year’s exam was on June 23rd. I made sure to wait until well after my exam to update my blog. I am way behind updating my website but I wanted to share these few links and eventually I’ll share more thoughts on the CFA Level 3 curriculum, but right now I must spend the Fourth of July going after intellectual property thieves and the dastardly website Scribd.


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