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Sordid Sauder Saga

October 14th, 2005
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This post is once again being rewritten, this time on January 21st 2013 as I continue to fail to convince people to believe me. Anne DeWolfe, Wendy Ma, Peter Chow, and Jeff Todd can either continue to pretend I don’t exist, or they can continue to pretend I wasn’t “negatively affected”, but I’m not going to stop telling the truth about what happened while I was a Sauder MBA student and how much pain and suffering was caused as a result of me trying to help my MBA classmates, my supposed “friend” with their internship search.


  • Muskie says:

    This post, which according to WordPress was originally published on October 14th 2005 has recently been making the rounds on Facebook. This insight courtesy of Mint web analytics.

    I’m not sure why or who? Others might be able to determine that someday at least for the two people who decided to ‘like’ this post in the Facebook sense. What is there to like about the ruination of my life and the start of years of pain and suffering?

    I’m unemployed, deeply in debt, and still on medication when I remember to take it. I have done my best to avoid Marlene Lau and everyone associated with the Sauder MBA program. I still don’t know why people said and did what they did. I still maintain I was only ever trying to help a ‘friend’ and a classmate with their internship or their studies just like I did before March 17th and even after March 17th, just like I helped so many others. People refused to speak up or care, they instead were only too happy to deceive me, take advantage of my generosity, and take pleasure from watching me suffer and be removed from the pool of competition, for whatever certain people thought we were competing over…

    I still don’t understand, but all you have to do is look at my employment and health history before and after March 17th 2005 and see the difference people’s words and actions made particularly on that ill fated date.

  • Muskie says:

    This stuff won’t leave me alone, I’m reminded of it everytime I get an email from my classmates. It definitely ruined my MBA. I don’t even consider going to MBA events anymore. I don’t communicate with anyone from my time as a Sauder MBA student. I can’t.

    And yet it won’t let me be. I can’t even look for work or go to Vancouver without worrying about all this crap. As a result I’ve been looking for work elsewhere. And I was born in Vancouver unlike everyone else in my MBA class.

    Not everyone thinks what happened was right, but no one seems to think things can be made better, so I must stay away.

  • Muskie says:

    I haven’t forgotten the role Brian Bemmels played in all this. Nor have I forgotten that the shit went down on St. Patrick’s Day or that Marlene Lau was sitting with Steve Keller and Gary Lau awaiting my arrival at the official Sauder MBA party.

    I think about this stuff every day, it still keeps me up nights.

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