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The inspirational Maggie Wang

October 17th, 2005
Chun Li

In my meanderings across the Net I came across Caustic Musings the blog of Miss Maggie Wang. I’ve been secretly reading it on and off for several months. Maggie is very motivated and focussed on self improvement. I used to be motivated. I used to try to improve myself. Now I mostly mope, surf the net, or sleep.

I used to be in a lot better shape too. Not in such great shape that I posted pictures of myself wearing a bikini on the internet, but being in shape does give you more energy and self confidence. I’ve tried several times to get back into the routine of exercising regularly. But ever since Pat tallked me out of retirement to play indoor soccer out in Burnaby, doing which I promptly hurt my knee, ankle, and shoulder, my body has never been the same. I should have quit playing sooner but certain teammates insisted the team could not do without me… It was like division three mens or something not exactly the little World Cup.

Maggie Wang lookin' tough in her bikini

Speaking of that tournament, I was on the winning team for it last year and we still haven’t gotten our promised engraved beer steins.

I was hoping some of Maggie’s motivation would rub off on me and help me overcome some of my many problems. Alas this has been wishful thinking, there appears to be no hope for me.

I blog on though. And given that my referral logs already contain the phrase “gorgeous women” and some other interesting phrases the picture of Maggie might appeal some of my err… readers. I am in China and although there certainly is no shortage of attractive Chinese women here, the weather in Beijing is getting colder, so I fear bikini season has come and gone. Hopefully Maggie isn’t upset that I stole, I mean posted her image without first asking permission. She seems pretty cool. I chose this one because she has the funky hairstyle and stern expression. It’s got panache.

Update December 2015 – More Fitspiration

LinkedIn occasionally thinks I know Maggie, we might have exchanged an email or two I don’t remember. However I did find her on Fitocracy a website I have been using to track my fitness progress. I still have to recommend actually going to the gym and exercising rather than just blogging about needing to get into shape or pinning #fitspiration or #fitspo. I do think tags or hashtags can help your content be found by Google or on social networks so I continue to edit and improve old blog postings in the hope this blog will finally become an asset and not an albatross.

If you’re looking for #fitspiration you should try Pinterest perhaps this board.


  • Muskie says:

    I uploaded my address book to LinkedIn the other day and among the people LinkedIn still repeatedly insists I know is Maggie Wang. Maybe she uploaded her address book with my email in it, we exchanged a few emails once. Like I said she was a bit of an inspiration to be and she’s got panache and I don’t use that word very often.

    She works in Video Games and I know a lot of people who work in video games, a fact I’m trying to leverage in my job search. Just added another animator the other day who I’ve know since middle school I think, we were on the same rugby team at least in High School, possibly Middle School too…

  • armslover says:

    Maggie motivates people in different ways. To some, she is a motivation to work out and get into the best possible shape.

    The rest of your comment has been removed by management. I didn’t think it added anything. Thanks for stopping by.

  • armslover says:

    Maggie motivates people in different ways. To some, she is a motivation to work out and get into the best possible shape.

    The rest of your comment has been removed by management. I didn’t think it added anything. Thanks for stopping by.

  • kuo_2012 says:

    Muskie, you can inspire others too by documenting your own change in physical fitness. I myself is also on the journey in achieveing the body I deserve. Since I am half way there, photos of my physical transformation would be less dramatic.

    I used to be 79kg and now I am down to 68, body fat level has reall come down, but I am on my way to build up my muscle so I don’t get mistakend to be an 18-year old.

    What allowed me to drop 25 pounds in 3 month? I attribute to:
    – Got really mad about inability to get in shape in the 28 years I lived (think about all the hot girls and fun I missed)
    – Do all the things that help maintain high rate of metabolism (key to fat loss):
    1. Eat smart. No more energy depriving food like soft drink, sugarly treats.
    2. Exercise first thing in the morning, a 20 minutes light jogging will do. This raise your metabolism for the whole day.
    3. Do the daily mandatory aerobic exercise (can be in any form, stair climbing, treadmill, swimming). Keep your heart rate in the range of 120~130, so you don’t wake up next day feeling all sored.
    – Mentally visualize youself in the ultimate fitness shape.
    – Add a bit of weight training once or twice a week to balance out with the aerobic exercise.
    Don’t forget the powerful audio book that can rewire your brain too, listen to them while you are on stair climbing machine.

    Some inspirational thoughts maybe?

    “Everyone is a gem underneath the extra layers, so why not expose it by removing extra layers?”
    “All superstar share one secret – fitness; when you obtain it, you become a superstar.”


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