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Three Days

May 28th, 2006
Willie Nelson

Although not the posting I could’ve written. I’m waiting at least three days until I say more.

This posting of course reminded me of a song. Lots of things remind me of songs.

The song in question is “Three Days” written by Willie Nelson. I learned it from a cover oddly enough. It is a short and deceptively simple song, but it is also clever and when sung with conviction the way music was meant to be sung, very evocative.

These are the lyrics according to one of those lyric websites, but those sites are often wrong in this case I question the order of the verses/chorus not so much the lyrics. The song can be lengthened.

Three days I dread to see arrive
Three days I hate to be alive
Three days filled with tears and sorrow
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow 

There are three days I know that I will be blue
Three days I dream of you
And it does no good to wish these days would end
Cause the same three days start over again 

Three days I dread be alive
Three days I hate to see arrive
Three days filled with tears and sorrow
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

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