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Impulsive Blogging

June 6th, 2006

I don’t read my own blog daily, but I should have known by the search engine traffic it was getting. I now have a new entry into my top ten most popular postings. Is it about China or some other topic I’ve blogged about repeatedly? No! My impulsive decision to blog about a TLC television show and the subject of it Greg Valentino has resulted in “The man whose arms exploded” becoming one of my top ten postings. In record time I might add.

I don’t usually blog impulsively. I often spend a lot of time composing excessively long postings and I then edit them carefully and seriously consider whether I should post at all. As a result some postings have sat unposted for months and others have been deleted after some somber second thought. Of course some people might not believe this, it doesn’t make it any less true…


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