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Chinese Love KFC

January 13th, 2006

中国人爱KFC. See I have been studying Chinese.

Today the KFC in Wu Dao Kou was absolutely packed. I mean you had to wait a long time to get food then you had to wait for a place to sit. This in the midst of the bird flu epidemic.

I didn’t take a picture of the KFC in Wu Dao Kou on that particular day. Not everyone had a cameraphone back in the day. But I did take a picture of the KFC in Wu Dao Kou for my official foreign exchange student report. Then in 2024 I uploaded a higher resolution version of that photo to Flickr for use on this blog.

KFC in Wu Dao Kou

Update February 2019

Now I’d say Chinese people love Starbucks or Luckin Coffee or delivery or WeChat, but I fear the good days are gone for many and life is going to get harder. My life has been hard for so long, I never got to live the good life after my MBA and now I’ve passed all the CFA® exams and I’m unemployed. So I’m improving my website, not to see if I can blog my way to a better career, but at least to prove I can be more professional and that I still have some IT skills.

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