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The man whose arms exploded

May 28th, 2006

That is a title of a TLC documentary I stumbled across sometime after the Buffalo Sabers lost game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. It is about Greg Valentino who unbelievably managed to get his biceps to be larger than his waist!

Now I admit I was a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan as a kid and used to work out a lot more seriously so I read the odd bodybuilding or fitness magazine, but this is taking things too far. He doesn’t even pretend he didn’t use steroids.

The World's Largest Biceps

A quick google search turned up an interview from which I lifted the above photo. Apparently Greg is something of a controversial figure in today’s body building scene. I’ve written somewhat humorously and hopefully supportively about the more athletic builds you see on women these days, but steroid use especially excessive steroid use, well this is what it can lead to.

There is also the whole baseball home run explosions, I gave up on baseball after one of their strikes so I don’t really care who cheated. However before and after photos as well has the congressional inquiry is some pretty damning evidence but does show the positive effects of steroid use, your very own home run record.

Who says there is nothing on tv?

Lyle Alzado‘s comeback is also an excellent cautionary tale. He has no doubt about what killed him.


  • Muskie says:

    He's always denied the use of the Synthoil, but he clearly is not well, lots of people get obsessed about getting bigger or obsessed about their body, male and female…

  • sa says:

    It wasn't steroid use so much as the fact he was injecting OIL into his arms to create the bulges that caused them to abcess and explode… deffo mental illness territory.

  • Muskie says:

    I wrote this after seeing the documentary and just getting up and Googling the guy. I don't know exactly how many hits this post got, but it still gets a lot, especially from Google Image Search. Finally someone leaves a brief comment. ;-)

    Funny how Mark McGuire has now admitted to steroid use, whereas when I wrote this post I could only allude to his suspected use. Marion Jones also got caught, but a lot of people do put in a lot of time in the gym. Vancouver just had the winter games and there wasn't any big drug use scandals. There is more money to be made as a summer Olympics star, but cross country ski racing like cycling had it's athletes get got for drug use. Long or short track speed skating would probably be a sport which drug use would really help considering it has sprints and endurance races that are pretty grueling too, but for what ever reason (respect for the sport?) there haven't been any big scandals like a Ben Johnson or a Marion Jones in that sport.

  • mr muscle says:

    fucking disgusting man….

  • Muskie says:

    I’m still amazed this is the most popular thing I’ve ever blogged about.

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