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Another day, another online social network invitation

August 19th, 2006
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This morning I woke up to an invitation to join I don’t know the person who invited me, I think they must read my website, probably my nurgle subdomain.

Zorpia was created by Jeffery Ng. He is of Asian ancestry and the site seems to be popular in places like Singapore and Hong Kong where it is headquartered. So I wonder if I have met the person who invited me while I was living abroad. They have one of those email addresses that is ridiculously elaborate and is at hotmail or yahoo or another big free email service so you can’t recognize it.

Zorpia has 3,325,649 members as of today. According to the little blurb attached to the end of the email I recieved:

It is an online community that allows you to upload unlimited amount of photos, write journals and make friends. We also have a variety of skins in store for you so that you can customize your homepage freely.

Perhaps I will check it out in more detail after I find out who invited me but I really am online social networked out. You can’t be a member of all of them and I lost my enthusiasm long ago. To me when you say you’re someone’s friend it means for more than two weeks, it actually means something.

In 2019 Zorpia is still online but social media in the English speaking world is dominated by Facebook with some still preferring Pinterest or Twitter. Instagram is also popular but it controlled and owned by Facebook so you’re not sticking it to Mark by posting your thoughts and images over there, he’s monitoring everything you do, say, or click and packaging and selling it to advertisers and political parties.

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