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Top 10 Diseased Sons Chaos Space Marines

June 29th, 2008
Bob the Necessary Evil

The other day I set up a light and a make shift photo box which vastly improved the quality of the photos I can take of the miniatures I paint. My camera also seems to be working again and it has a really nice macro focus feature. So I picked ten of the better painted models in my Diseased Sons army and decided to present them here and at a decent resolution.

This will presumably help my search engine rankings and keyword referrals especially for Google Image search. Presented in alphabetical order by file name are ten Diseased Sons painted by Muskie McKay.

Bob the Necessary Evil

This model almost always appears in any army list I make and even before that I kept having an Aspiring Champion named “Bob”. Eventually his name solidified and so did the model that represented him. He has a power fist which pretty much is necessary in even the smallest army lists in Warhammer 40,000.

Bob has been in three of my major tournament army lists checkout his campaign badges. He’ll earn a fourth at Astronomi-con Vancouver in a few weeks. He is now the “featured image” for this post.

Brotherhood of Darkness

Chaos Space Marine with twin lightning claws

This model was painted up for the Bolter and Chainsword crew. I volunteered to paint a series of tutorials for the various new Chaos Renegade chapters. The first one I did was the Hakanor’s Reavers. That tutorial is online, this one isn’t yet. It was the less than stellar in-progress photos I was submitting that lead me to come up with a better miniature photographing solution.

This model was converted up to have twin lightning claws as no model in my army was armed that way. Hopefully I’ll get to use him for something someday, I may make a squad for him to hang out in.

Slim: Deamon Prince of Nurgle

Slim: Deamon Prince of Nurgle

This model is actually a really old paint job that was damaged while it was being sealed. It isn’t that elaborate of a paint scheme but it has some primitive green stuff work. The skin color gets a lot of attention it is swooping hawk turquoise a very old pot mixed in with rotting flesh or white or bleached bone or something. I don’t remember. I may have gotten to use Ghoul Grey too, that was one of my favourite Citadel colors for painting Nurgle. I think I finally found a good replacement for it.

Leperous the Obese: Chaos Lord of Nurgle

Nurgle Chaos Lord with Deamon Weapon

This model may be my best paint job ever, it certainly was the most time consuming. There isn’t a whole webpage explaining how I painted this model, maybe there should have been, but it just took too long to finish. It was featured on Games Workshop’s website briefly. It will be making a hopefully triumphant return to the gaming table to lead my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

This model has a deamon weapon and is on the Plaguin of Nurgle which may finally be worth all the points it costs. At the very least he looks like someone to fear.

Phantom of the Opera Noise Marine

Phantom of the Opera Noise Marine

This actually may be the most famous model I’ve ever painted, at least on the Internet. Well maybe Blastmarker Billy is more famous. This conversion I came up with after seeing the Phantom of the Opera film. It was suppose to be a gift for Marlene Lau who was insisting she was my friend around this time. One thing you can say about Marlene is she may have had the most profound effect on me of anyone I’ve ever met, and not in a good way…

Hopefully this photo finally captures this model in the best light. Hopefully Marlene realizes someday that I really did always tell her the truth, I was only trying to help her and be her friend.

Nurgle Havoc

Nurgle Havoc OOP

This was another model I spent a pile of time painting, but unlike Leperous I did take in-progress photos and put them up on the internet. This model was converted to lead my army but now has probably been demoted to just being a footslogger, all but a well painted one ona snazzy base.

The base can be bought from Epicast.


Painted plaguebearer of Nurgle

Although they are no longer useful in my Chaos Space Marine army under the current rule set, you can still use them in both Warhammer and 40K. This one was painted to test out some new Vallejo paints I bought. I enjoy painting plaguebearers I frequently use them to test out color combinations and techniques. I’ll probably paint a few more some day.

There is a rumor going around that there will be plastic plaguebearers made by GW someday. Maybe the BOLS guys will know more maybe I’ll just link to them to see if they notice.

Plague Marine

One of over 100 Plaguemarines I've painted

I’ve painted over 100 plague marines or Nurgle renegades. Some I’ve painted more than once, literally this model was stripped and repainted while I was living in Japan. It is part of Syphilis squad which is pretty infamous in some gaming circles.

Terminator Champion

Terminator Champion of Nurgle with Lightning Claw

This is actually an award winning model. I painted him for a competition at GW Victoria. I even beat Bryce Jensen and of course all the other painters in Victoria who bothered to enter. I’m not much for entering painting competitions. I’ll usually enter if someone asks me, but I paint almost all of my models for gaming purposes.

This model was used in the 2003 Vancouver Grand Tournament for instance. It is in a transitional style, not pure tiny lines, but not strictly edge or layer highlighting. It is still quite a good paint job but I’ve surpassed it and I’ve added a few more tricks to my arsenal.

Terminator Lord with Deamon Weapon

Terminator Lord with Deamon Weapon

This is actually one of the oldest Diseased Sons models and oldest Chaos Space Marine models. I bought it off Arden and promptly painted over his crappy paint job. Then after it sat largely unused for years I stripped it and repainted it along with many other models for use in my last Grand Tournament army which ended up making it’s debut at West Coast Mayhem.

I’m going to do a gallery of before and after paint jobs, but this model shows how much I’ve improved despite all the set backs and difficulties I’ve faced in my life. Painting miniatures is not easy, painting them well sick is harder. I take some satisfaction seeing all my Diseased Sons displayed on a shelf for the first time ever.

I’m definitely glad I ignored you Damien Vilaysane. You really have no clue how much you hurt me with your words and actions. You deceived me, used me, and yes you Damien, deliberately, callously, and repeatedly hurt me. Still you claim to be my friend. No friend of mine would ever ask me to smash one of the miniatures I spent something like 40 hours painting.

Maybe someday you’ll realize what is important in life and how to treat people. Then maybe you can teach others, because far too many people have treated me far too poorly and I don’t think I’ll ever recover.

This post didn’t end very well, but if you want to read more about my miniature painting I eventually started a blog devoted to that exclusively.


  • Muskie says:

    One of the upshots of changing plugins to the official WordPress one for social sharing is I discover which posts are popular on which networks. I pinned this, maybe once, maybe twice, but obviously however Pinterest measures this, it has been “repined”.

  • Muskie says:

    The Phantom of the Rock Opera is one of the most famous models I’ve ever done. People have posted pictures of it and links to it all over the world. It does well in Google too for Noisemarine and such. The Planquin model was part of my attempt to improve my appearance score at the second official Grand Tournament I attended. I took all sorts of conversions and scratch built models. I totally burn myself out, ended up finishing third in appearance, that model appeared on a GW website. The landraider and defiler from that army are more famous, I was the first person to take a defiler in a grand tournament. I kitbashed/scratch built one.

    I typed up a journal of the army build and my tournament experience. They’re over on my Nurgle subdomain. I’ve since improved the paint job on the Nurgle Lord some, by redoing his weapon.

  • I remember your Nurgle stuff from almost a decade ago, but oddly enough it’s the striations on the Slaanesh model that sparked my recollection of your stuff. It’s wesome to see more of your work–particularly the Nurgle champion. That model is so great, and it blends seamlessly with the old palanquin base. Love the idea: consider it stolen!

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