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Bob Log III and Scott H. Biram Tonight

August 17th, 2008
Rock On!

At Pat’s Pub, even the guy who makes the pulled pork sandwiches was surprised Bob Log III is playing their East Hastings street bar.

Bob Log III played the Pic a few years back and got the greatest review in the Georgia Straight or someplace. I regretted not going, so I coughed up the 13 bucks to see not one, but two, one man bands.

One is on Fat Possum Records the other is on Bloodshot Records my two favourite record labels. I’ve never seen a Bloodshot artist live. I’ve missed out a couple times so in September I’m heading to Seattle to see the Meat Purveyors who for the record are still broken up, the lead singer sent me an email insisting on that. I wish the Waco’s would tour further afield from Chicago.

Now the big question is do I wear my Bloodshot Records t-shirt or my Fat Possum Records t-shirt? I just realized I have two Bloodshot Records t-shirts I guess that is why it is my favourite record label now isn’t it.

I did have to replace my Fat Possum shirt after it went missing while I was staying with Blair in Sapporo.

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