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“It’s only a model”

December 7th, 2009
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Apparently Games Workshop and their sometimes less than wonderful business practices have made it into the mainstream news. Or at least an online website that is more main stream than Bell of Lost Souls.

It’s only a hobby. No one forced anyone to invest time and effort into it, of course being forced to take down your attempt to share that time and effort…

Anyway I’m not losing any sleep over this. I’ve been around the block a few times, there are other games to play, there are other models to paint, there are video games which may well be the death of miniature wargaming yet.

For the record GW has never done anything bad to me personally, nor have they ever even contacted me officially, except once to publish something I wrote in Citadel Journal. I did not get the promised compensation for that and only learned they published it at all, when a friend and GW store manager showed me the published article. They didn’t even fix the spelling mistakes.

GW keeps getting bigger and a lot of the original staff have less and less influence, they still have stock and aren’t hurting for money, plus they get to design and play games for a living.

People just take things too seriously, it is only a game, it is only a hobby, wait until the first war over the world’s water supply breaks out, if you really want to worry about something.

I basically gave up all my hobbies including Warhammer 40,000 and painting miniatures in an effort to pass all three CFA® exams. I managed to pass all the exams but I can not say it was worth it. I am once again unemployed and even more over-educated. I’ve looked at GW job postings and I follow some staff on Twitter. If you have thoughts on GW or finding a job online you can leave a comment below.

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