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March 5th, 2010
Chaos Icon

Today was another sick day. I forced myself to do the laundry, actually leave my apartment to buy more orange juice and medicine and I painted on. The four models now look more like Nefarious Fire Chaos Space Marines.

I used the wet palette, but still haven’t done any custom blending. The blue-green stuff on the Obliterator, is built up from a grey basecoat, a thinned waaagh green ink, and some vellejo green grey (model color 106). I used two thin washes and finished with a final highlight of the green grey.

For black power armor I go Foundry triad 34. I tried lots of things and that worked the best. I also use Chaos Black and Badab Black and even a little Fortress Grey on the final highlights.

Work In Progress Chaos Space Marines

My purple is pretty much unchanged from the last batch of these guys. Liche Purple, then Warlock, then slightly darkened Titillating Pink. I use a thinned wash of the old purple wash, not the new one GW is selling, the ones with blue lids.

Then I really had to wait for things to dry. The banner needs some fixing up. The final product is the featured image. The brass trim needs some fixing up on most models. None of the eyes are done. The next two colors to be done are a classic dark green for the tubes and bones for the skulls and what not. I also plan to add in a little copper tubing and gold knickknacks. Things always take longer than I estimate, but if I apply myself I should be able to finish the four of them bases and all over the weekend.

Work In Progress Obliterator

If you want to see more of my painting particularly how the Nefarious Fire paint scheme came to be finalized, there used to be a thread on Bolter and Chainsword. If you have any questions you can leave them below. I’m once again updating old blog posts to improve the Quality of this blog.

Close up of Chaos Space Marines

Miniature Painting in 2022

Prior to 2022 I started a miniature painting blog but I had to sacrifice all my hobbies in order to study even more for the CFA® exams. I managed to pass them all. Now as 2021 comes to an end, I’ve been updating old blog posts.

For my latest work I do recommend you subscribe to my other blog. I’ve vowed to paint more and post more, I’ll probably post WIP pictures on Instagram and some greatest hits on #ThrowbackThursday but I do prefer Flickr over Instagram so you could follow me over there. All the links should be in the sidebar.

If you have questions or advice on painting miniatures you can leave them below I guess. This blog doesn’t seem to get many comments.

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