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Four More Finished Models

March 12th, 2010
Chaos Renegade

It has been a long time since I finished any models I could put them in my display case. These four will be going in once the sealant dries. They’ll also shortly appear on a tabletop, which is perhaps even more rare. I plan to assemble and prime three more models and use them as testers mostly. I’ll be focusing on my terrain project.

It took too long to finish these models, they should have been finished on the weekend, tonight I forced myself to just shut up and paint. I always spend too much time on finicky details. These four didn’t come out super great, certainly not my best work. I did try some new paints and techniques, but that isn’t the reason for the substandard work. Partly it was being out of practice, partly it was trying to take some short cuts. They’ll do.

I got quite a few things on my painting table, but I’m going to clear most everything off and start building one foot by one foot terrain tiles, 24 of them.

I again used my iPhone to take the pictures of the models. I shoved it right in close and balanced it on the table. They’re on Flickr so you view the models at a higher resolution. In 2021 I even replaced the embed code as Flickr now has a better one. The paints used were GW (lots of old pots), Foundry, and Vallejo. I even used some Ral Partha paint and some weathering powder and washes from these guys. Still haven’t gotten weathering powder down and I’ll need to test the washes more.

Below you can see all the models and you can click through to Flickr to seem them in higher resolution.

Chaos Space Marines Obliterator Chaos Space Marine with Lascannon Chaos Space Marine with Flamer Chaos Space Marine with Icon

Miniature Painting in 2022

The world is still gripped by Covid-19. So in 2022 I plan to paint more. I’ve gotten a new painting desk. I’ve got lots of new rules and models and I definitely want to get these old models on a gaming table but that might have to wait until 2023.

I did get to play exactly one game of Warhammer 40,000 in 2021. I’m still learning the rules and none of these models were used as I went with the Death Guard which is the best way to field the Diseased Sons, these models started as allies for that army. Now I probably have enough undivided troops to field a combat patrol so someday I might field armies from three different codices at once.

The game designers allow even encourage this, but you are better off sticking with one Codex rather than the so-called “Chaos Soup”. So in 2022 I will focus on painting Nurgle models. I might paint some more models for GW’s various skirmish games and these models could see use in Kill Team but maybe not the Obliterator or even the Lascannon guy. If you have thoughts on painting miniatures you can leave them below.


  • Muskie says:

    These models performed reasonably well and I won two of my games at Trumpeter's Salute today. I was never in the running for overall, but once again I won best painted. I got another little trophy. I also won a random door prize that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with, I have enough models sitting in boxes.

    I bought some models from the one man show that is Pulp Figures. I really like his work, both in sculpting and painting, so I wanted to support him driving in from Kelowna.

    The tournament itself was bigger than I expect with a lot of familiar faces but some new people. It was multi-generational with at least one father and son both playing. There was even a female gamer! I never got to talk to everyone, or take that many pictures, but I'm sure Adrian (I think that is his name) got every army photographed will post pictures some time.

  • Muskie says:

    It's not that hard. Practice, patience, there is lots of advice and help online. Plus if you like you can paint the models however you like. I know people with physical difficulties or color blindness that paint well. 40K isn't a cheap hobby, but no hobby is. If I didn't spend money on minis I'd have bought an electric guitar or something by now.

    Thanks for commenting.

  • Chad Egeland says:

    Incredible, I wish I had the talent to create like that.

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