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Still Painting Test Models

April 6th, 2010
Astronomi-con 40K Logo

I think I’ve been playing too much Tatsunoko VS Capcom, so today I’m cutting that out of my life, just for a day though. I have a lot of domestic chores and errands to run now that the Easter long weekend is over, got my bike shorts on and everything to inspire me to put my bike on the road. Despite serious video gaming, I’ve been working on some models. I’ve put too much effort into models I don’t really need painted any time soon, but I was trying to not waste paint.

Gotta focus more on Astronomi-con Vancouver models, Plaguebearers and Nurglings aren’t even in the Chaos Codex anymore. I also applied to a job, remember I’m looking for work again, some companies ask for a lot of information, my SAT score, that was so 1993 or even 1992…

Work-In-Progress Nurgle Demons

Anyway the demons have white eyeballs, I finished the Plaguebearer eyes this morning just for the photo, as some painters like to do faces and eyeballs really early on to give the figure character, historically I do eyeballs last, but since the skin tones are all done I started on the eyes early just for fun. The Nurglings will have beady yellow eyes, all my Nurglings do, but the Plaguebearers will be more unique.

WIP Bezerker and IG

The bezerker is looking more Khorney. I still have a lot of work to do on the fine details but the red power armor is done, as is the brass. Normally I will not be putting this much work into rank and file Khorne models getting the red power armor just so. I still want it darker and less orange, so my next test bezerker will look different than this one, which is highlighted up to OOP Ruby Red and Blood Angels Red. The metallics are all GW colors, but I think I’m in the market for some new leathers, Snake Bite Leather ain’t what it used to be, and I’m going to try something new for the skulls, Chardon Granite seems en vogue so I bought a pot.

The guardsmen is almost all Foundry Triads with GW washes. I need leather and skulls on him too, but that is minimal and he could be finished in under 5 minutes except the base and weathering. I’m going to weather him something fierce just for fun. Next time I paint a WW I scheme I’ll have black or brown boots, maybe slightly darker metallics for the the gun, but more brassy for the buttons and things. Dirty uniform, but clean gun is actually A-OK.

What else, the bases are from Secret Weapon and Epicast, I wish Secret Weapon hadn’t cast theirs in white resin, I’ve bought a pile of resin extras in the last three years and I’ve decided I like a drab color or grey or even black, the yellows, reds, and white resin, just doesn’t seem so wise on a battlefield, gotta use a lot of black to make sure it is um… black. ;-)

Well the weather seems to be more overcast, but I’m off to run errands on my bike for the first time in 2010. My iPhone with my ikea-i-fied psuedo light box is producing some good photos, so if all goes well I might have some finished figs to post to Flickr later today.

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