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January 27th, 2011
RPG Dice

Peter Jackson, yes the bloke who made the Lord of the Rings movies collects miniatures. This isn’t news, he got the Perry Brothers to sculpt an entire unit of ANZACs in some weird scale. That’s right he paid to have each model hand sculpted, none were cast, he just displays the masters. It’s nice to have that kinda of money I guess.

Test Models Inspect Entrenchments, maybe Peter Jackson will like my WW1 Vandoo?

However there is a downside. Apparently one of the many smaller one or two man miniature companies was having some difficulty and his solution to his problem, was to use Peter Jackson’s credit card, which he had on file from past purchases, to buy a few things he needed. Apparently almost $200,000 dollars worth of things he needed. He’s been convicted of fraud or something similar and is awaiting sentencing. It is unlikely Peter Jackson will see much of his money returned.

Another big Hollywood star who has a huge miniature collection is Robin Williams. I know people who’ve been contracted to paint for him. Some of the Industrial Light and Magic Guys also are into miniatures not surprisingly, pretty nice to play on terrain made for a major motion picture. Maybe Pete will hire me, I can’t sculpt, but I can paint and scratch build stuff. Peter Jackson was such a fan of the Perry Brothers he got them small parts in the Lord of the Rings as Rohirrim.

This story came from the Lead Adventure Forum, a favourite of mine as I’ve aged and matured.

Here is a thread on Hollywood people who game, that I dug up in Google, complete with Robin William’s picture in a gaming store.

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