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Have cat photo, need dog photo

September 20th, 2005
Hunna in the driver's seat

Now that my blog has the mandatory picture of the family cat, what it needs is a picture of my sister’s dog. Since she’s gotten Huuna, Fred has definitely been a distant second best. Fred and Huuna don’t exactly get along and now that they are living together, spats are frequent.



  • Your Only Sister says:

    Ok so it’s taken most of the morning… and I was suppose to be vaccuuming up Huuna’s hair that is all over mom’s floor… but I have read your entire blog from beginning to end, at least to the best of my knowledge. I might even send the link on to Marco who is always curious of your adventures. Anyway it’s all wonderful…. a lot better then mass emails I must admit… .but what about Grannie dearest who doesn’t have internet…. am I suppose to print the whole webpage off for her? Anyway I have to vaccuume catch u later

  • kuo_2012 says:

    Hey Musk… for some reason the blog’s photo does not show up once I get into individual entry’s page. I think you might already know about it, just no time to fix it yet eh?

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