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More Cultural Observations

November 3rd, 2005
Stereotypical Asian image

Yesterday I received my first ‘thing‘ given to me by a girl in a short skirt in Beijing. It was a brochure for a new Asian noodle restaurant that I guess has opened up in Wu Dao Kou. The girl in a short skirt marketing scheme is a staple of business in Japan. You can’t walk through a major city in Japan especially near a train station without people trying to hand you things. In China lots of people try to hand me things, but Czen was the first business to hire girls and give them matching outfits. I don’t know how short the skirts were, but above the knee and it is starting to get chilly in Beijing. Sex sells especially in Japan. I can’t recall seeing this much while in Korea. But then I was only in Korea three days.

Speaking of Korean girls/women, why do they always travel in pairs? I’ve noticed this in Beijing but also back in Vancouver. Are they are like Dark Lords of Sith, always a Master and a Pupil?

Storm Trooper Tea

Speaking of the dark side of the Force, I’ve found a fourth Evil Tea. Given the fact there are four evil teas and only two good teas, does that mean the dark side of the Force is better, or at least more popular in China?

Enough of Star Wars, tis but a passing fad. While walking around Wu Dao Kou on my way to the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management I’ve made a few more observations. If you are male, and living in China, it might be better to be, or become, and I believe the politically correct term is, “an ass man“. Seriously if you are searching for a set of lusciously long legs you may be searching a while. You might be better off looking for short muscular legs, if the internet is to be believed. I may have to wait until the Spring to confirm this I’m afraid. The same applies if you are looking for a buxom Chinese babe. Given the sheer number of people in China there are bound to be exceptions

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