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Apparently Chuck and Sacha are writing another book

November 6th, 2005

I still haven’t gotten my autographed copy of the first one…

Their first book, Practical WebObjects was well received by the WebObjects community and the greater Java/Web Application Development community. I think they even thanked me in the credits, for what I don’t know. I worked with them while at Global Village Consulting. In fact their new proposed book, may well be based partly off Chuck’s internal WebObjects introduction course.

It is hard to find WebObjects programmers
. You can find people who know Java or who know SQL, or who know HTML/DHTML/JavaScript/CSS/Web 2.0 even, but finding WebObjects developers can be tough, hopefully their books will make it easier for people to get up to speed in WebObjects. Maybe I’m wasting my WebObjects skills while doing my MBA, every now and then someone will come to my resume while doing a search for say “WebObjects Developer Vancouver” or even “WebObjects Developer Calgary” or some other combination, possibly throwing in “resume” might do it in Google, the results are always changing.

I’m in China now and due to both our busy schedules I haven’t seen either Chuck or Sacha since before I went to Japan. I gotta get my free book. This summer I tried to look into the now open sourced GVC.SiteMaker, but due to a less than stellar internet connection in Prince George I never got very far. I still don’t think I’ve downloaded Ant. Now I’ve gotten quite busy and what little time I have to devote to web development goes into my blog. I don’t even write any PHP or none worth mentioning. I still can pull off a CSS based design when I need to, but without access to a windows machine it seems it is busted in IE…

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  • First of all due to other work Chuck and Sacha never ended up writing a sequel to their WebObjects programming book, which I still haven’t read. Secondly this post seems to be one of the Top 10 most spammed that I’ve written. I think the web/blogosphere and WordPress were a lot different five years ago and all the spam comments happened a long time ago, as I haven’t seen any in a long, long, time. Maybe this comment will attract spammers.

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