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Blog your way to a better career (they really, really mean it)

January 20th, 2013
Job Wanted

Self proclaimed experts continue to insist that jobseekers should blog. I’ve written well over 1000 blog posts and I have to say the more I blogged, the worse my so called career has gone. Other people may have benefited from blogging, but it isn’t advantageous nor necessary for everyone to blog.

To paraphrase a famous quotation:

History doesn’t repeat itself, bloggers merely repeat each other.

Maintaining a Blog

Previously in this post I linked to Max Gladwell’s and Diane Cline’s blogs as they were both adamant that both the unemployed and graduated students should blog. Having been both unemployed and a graduate student, I read and tried to heed their advice. Now in 2019 neither of their blogs are online, luckily for posterity I wrote down their Top 10 tips. People underestimate the difficulty in keeping up with blogging for a decade or more.

Max Gladwell’s Top 10 Reasons to Blog while Unemployed:

  1. You’re an expert. Now prove it.
  2. You’ve got time on your hands. Use it.
  3. Stay sharp and on the cutting edge.
  4. Produce something and create value.
  5. Network with fellow bloggers.
  6. Make yourself discoverable.
  7. Establish your brand.
  8. Master the craft and position yourself accordingly.
  9. Forget about advertising.
  10. Build an audience.

Diane Cline’s Top 10 Word Of Mouth marketing tips for Grad Students:

  1. Be nice.
  2. Don’t gossip.
  3. Think about your personal “brand”.
  4. Maintain and build relationships with others.
  5. Work on your self image.
  6. Be remarkable.
  7. Help others.
  8. Leave places better than you found them.
  9. Be appreciative.
  10. Being remarkable in your field and being a remarkable person are two different things.

On January 16th 2013 Chris Abraham became the latest to advise job searchers to blog more. Of course in 2019 the link to his blog post no longer works. Eric Shannon has a job search guide which I’ve previously recommended as one of the pieces of  “expert” job search advice that I’ve collected. I do irregularly update and improve my blog, but it takes time to find every busted link.

 More ‘Expert’ Advice on Why You Should Blog

Lindsay Olson became the fourth person to insist you should blog who then after I linked to their advice did not maintain their blog. Amazingly, Nathan Marz is the only person I’ve linked to from this post who still has their original post up on why “You should blog even if you have no readers“.

If you have thoughts on blogging during your job search and how it may help your career you can leave them below. Or you can just view my resume and hire me as I appear to have more experience with blogging and social media than many experts.


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