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Hard drive is fine my ass!

November 25th, 2005
My recreation of the sad mac icon

Hopefully a few people remember the whole hard drive fiasco. How I missed school, bought an external drive, backed up my data and left my laptop to be serviced. They supposedly ran an entire days worth of load testing on it and found no problems. Now it won’t start up and diskwarrior can’t find it either…

Now I have a giant aluminum paper weight on my desk. I’m using some dodgy windows machine in the dark in a basement PC Ban. You just know there is spyware and shit on it. Further everything looks ugly, I’m going to have to try and beautify my blog and fix the IE rendering problem, but even the fonts look shittier.

I will lose data from all this, the question is how much? Supposedly my computer is automatically backing up once a week, but I don’t believe it. I tried to force it to back up the other day, I’m not sure it worked. I guess we’ll see when my laptop is back alive and well. At the least I’ll loose some edits on my webpage, some emails I downloaded but hadn’t answered, and likely some other files. I talked to Danna and she got the latest draft of our exchange report which is nice. We won’t lose too much of our International Economics paper either.

I will likely lose my pictures from Xi’an but luckily Danna and others have a copy of those. I’ve been working on a new mix and the Xi’an Excursion one might disappear but hopefully I can reconstruct it.

Far worse things have happened to me while an MBA student, so I’m not going to let this bring me down. It’s amazing the prospective you gain from having your life completely ruined. This will affect my ability to study, look for work, keep in touch with family, update this stupid blog, etc. etc. However eventually my computer will get fixed.

The calf fiends may have lost out on some photos I downloaded for them, it was a lot of work finding that crap too. I’m taking this enforced break from the internet as a sign. I’m going to study Chinese and read more from books in preparation for my Business Law and Chinese final respectively. I’m also going to do more touristy stuff, I may even blog about it. But my enthusiasm for blogging decreases when sitting in front of a windows machine and I can’t edit photos so you’ll just have to take my word that I went somewhere and saw something.


  • Muskie says:

    I just called the Apple service depot in Beijing. Aparently I was right all along. The hard drive is indeed busted. It is a shame they had to wait until it almost costed me my MBA degree before they agreed to change it.

    They have ordered a replacement drive but it has to come from outside of China, probably Singapore. So I could be without my Mac for another week or two…

    As I told my room mate this morning, worse things have happened to me.

  • Emlyn says:

    Wow, that sucks… Is it still under warranty?

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