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December 17th, 2005
Tsinghua University seal

As a service to the blogosphere and also so I can possibly meet fellow bloggers, I’m going to compile a list of Tsinghua bloggers. I found these blogs through a series of Technorati searches over several days.

Update February 2019

Most of these blogs are abandoned or unavailable. Not many people maintain a blog for over a decade. Not only is Muskblog still online over thirteen years later, I’m updating my old blog posts after once again leaving China.

I finished an MBA and passed all three CFA® exams and still could not find a job other than English teacher in the Middle Kingdom. I did however write a number of blogs posts. I suggest you read the best of them.


  • Muskie says:

    It’s 2013 and I’m going through old blog postings, re-tagging them, editing, sorting, deleting. I decided to see if any of the Tsinghua bloggers were still active. Of the few blogs still online, the last updates are in 2007. Most are no longer on the Internet or have been set to private…

    Most people don’t maintain a blog for five or more years or a homepage for a dozen or more.

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