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Token Christmas Post

December 25th, 2005
Christmas in South Park

I’m not the biggest Christmas person. I think it is too commercial. I try to do less commercial things at Christmas such as send Christmas cards and make a big Christmas morning breakfast for everyone. However this year it is Christmas in China well two years ago it was Christmas in Japan. I talked with my family on the phone and I had a good evening yesterday. There is plenty going on in Beijing if I can find the energy to leave my room.

My sister just sent out her Christmas spam. It included a picture of her dog and the Christmas tree at my mom’s house. So I thought I would post that so people can feel all warm and tingly.

Christmas Tree and Huuna, my sister's dog.

Update February 2019

I eventually spent four of my Christmases alone in China. Things were supposed to work out better for me, that is what people have been saying since I did my MBA at the Sauder School of Business.

I really do not want to write more about those days, I’ve actually deleted a lot of blog posts, those that remain I have attempted to improve because I also haven’t managed to blog my way to a better career. I did manage to pass all three CFA® exams but even that was not enough to get any other job but English teacher in China.

Christmas has gotten bigger and bigger in China as have a number of other Western traditions. The Chinese Communist Party is not happy about this development. A lot is supposed to happen this month if either Trump or Xi can be taken at their words. That is a big “if”. If you want to know more about living and traveling in China I suggest you read the best of my posts rather than some of these less focused ones that were often written as an obligation to my family or my classmates.

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