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Snow Day in Beijing

January 12th, 2006
Frozen Ho Hai Lake

Today it has snowed for a couple hours in Beijing. This is the most snow since I’ve been here. It is nothing like what has happened in Japan recently. Sure enough I saw a girl wearing a short denim skirt. Not being a very good voyeur or stalker I continued on with my business to buy totes. Basically plastic boxes with lids that I planned to use to move from my apartment to a dorm.

After buying my totes I went to the Starbucks by the East Gate of Tsinghua. I didn’t need a coffee but I wanted to try yet another WiFi network. I’ve been having a terrible time checking my email the last few days. My ADSL connection may have been cancelled and I’ve tried three different WiFi networks in Wu Dao Kou and it always times out. This has made emailing, looking for work, and of course blogging nearly impossible.

Anyway at the Starbucks was the girl and a friend also wearing a skirt. So after debating it, I went over and asked if she was cold wearing a short skirt today. She said no. She also could tell by my horrible Chinese and switched to English. Of course she speaks perfect English. She and her friend are both Korean, validating Julia‘s theory, and they study at Peking university. One of them studies Chinese and the other studies piano. We talked for a while but they weren’t down with having their picture taken so you’ll just have to take my word for it, that it was snowing and yet some Korean girls wore short skirts with bare legs.

Update February 2019

Today is a snow day on Vancouver Island but not as bad as last time I was at my mom’s house. I’m once again in Canada, once again unemployed so I’m trying to be productive and even though it is Hockey Day in Canada I’m editing old blog posts to improve the Quality and try to leverage my blog to improve my personal branding and career prospects, so far it has not worked.

Update May 2024

Apparently I was not very successful at improving the Quality of my blog or being an exchange student in China back in 2006. I have the blog posts to show for it, but my career suffered greatly during and after my MBA at the Sauder School of Business. I could have picked another school, one in Japan, one in Europe, maybe things would have been different but I was just so depressed I’m amazed I survived it all and finished my degree.

Of course in order to overcome everything I had to take a lot of jobs, including four more years spent teach English in China. Again why didn’t a choose Japan, I still think my Japanese is better than my Chinese. While teaching English in China I passed the final two CFA® exams making me one of the few lao wei to complete MBA and CFA exams in China I imagine. Again I should probably have more to show for it and should use my time more productively than editing old depressing blog posts.

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