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Very Very Pretty Girl

February 8th, 2006
Chun Li

Ting and I eventually met. We went for lunch and then on another day we went for dinner. She invited to me to come visit her home town which is apparently near a very famous mountain. She seemed to think that May was the best time to visit.

I told her it was highly unlikely I would be in China in May.

Anyway here is her picture, you can judge for yourself just how pretty she is.

A very very pretty Chines girl

Update: Many years have passed. I tried to keep in touch with Ting but she left Tsinghua and Beijing and no one hears from her much. A similar thing happened after I left Japan. Now social media helps people keep in touch over distances and changes in careers and email addresses. My career is still not going well neither is my social life. Things were better after I passed the third CFA® exam but my in ability to get any job but teaching English has left me single and a little bitter, but honestly things are better than they were in the past.

So I must spend my time applying to jobs online, updating old blogs posts all in the name of search engine optimization and personal brand building.


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