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April 18th, 2006
Huuna Loves Socks

…Peanut Butter Power Bars. Actually she loves anything to do with peanut butter, but she seems extra extra keen for Peanut Butter Power Bars.

It is an expensive treat for a dog, and I started buying them for us when we did our long walks to Bowser. We haven’t walked to Bowser yet this year, but she has inexplicably been a really good dog today, so when we went to Bowser I bought one.

I went to Bowser to order another piece of what I’ve dubbed the doggie detention center. It is a fenced in portion of our yard that extends to include one of our decks where Huuna can be outside but not run crazy. She doesn’t particularly like being in the detention center, she would rather be left in the house if she is to be left behind. This final piece is a small gate to go at the top of the stairs on our deck.

I need some decent weather and a burst of energy if I am going to finish it. I also need to go to Home Depot for hinges and latches for the gates.

Tomorrow night Huuna and I have agility training again.


  • Muskie says:

    Huuna had one of her episodes almost as soon as class started. But her behaviour was overshadowed by a dog called Avalanche that kept running over to see Huuna instead of doing its tricks. Huuna is a little leery of the teeter-totter in addition to the tire, she likes the tunnel the best.

  • Your Only Sister says:

    Ok Im going to try and add a photo to my profile

  • Your Only Sister says:

    I can tell you I wont be buying her Powerbars! What are you going to do in a week when I get home and pick her up? I guess you’ll have more time to practice your guitarre. Maybe you and mom should get a dog from the SPCA… I wouldn’t vote for a puppy too much training work for mom but a 2-3 year old dog, then Huuna can have a friend. How did your second week at Agility go? Was she any better with the tire and/or her running wild and barking? Im glad you are getting a gate for the deck, she needs one of those.

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