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Huuna’s Agility Training

April 13th, 2006
Huuna Loves Socks

Last night I took Huuna, my sister’s dog, to her agility training class. She was doing really well until she had to jump through a tire. I think she only managed to do it twice. She would go under it or around it, but rarely through it.

I think she got frustrated too, because she would start barking at me. Eventually we would have to retreat to a corner where I calmed her down and then try again. It got a bit embarrassing. No other dogs did this.

Me and my sister's dog chilling on the couch

On the other hand apparently I’m a good dog handler. Last night was my first time. I don’t know what these dog people think, it isn’t exactly rocket surgery. One guy forgot the course and also gave out the wrong commands sometime confusing his dog I guess.

We eventually built Huuna her own portable obstacle course but she got old and had to retire. I don’t think she ever actually competed, it was just something for my sister to do with her dog. Now I’m editing old blog posts to improve the overall Quality of this blog, but everyone loves dogs, Huuna never got rated professionally.

So you can leave your rating below.


  • Muskie says:

    I just took Huuna for her favourite walk. I’ve dubbed it the Huuna Tide. It is straight out towards the green can when the tide is really low. She gets to run on the sand bar. She is wet and stinks though, she rolled in something on our walk before that and she hasn’t been a very good dog of late.

  • Your Only Sister says:

    In Huuna’s defence…. she hasn’t practiced the tire that often. When we use to take classes in Courtenay they didn’t have the tire, and we’ve only really started using it since we moved to Victoria… she doesn’t have any of the equipment to practice on at home…. so she only get’s to try it at school. You could always build her one her birthday is coming up…. I got her July 8th 2004 and I think she was born around June 3rd it will be her 2nd Birthday this year…. it would be a really nice present from you.

    As for her barking she does it when she is frusterated or when she is bored…. if it takes to long for her turn she get’s antsy… she is getting better though I promise you. She’s just special, and Im sure she really enjoys you taking her to agility while I am gone. Thank you

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