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Excitement in Deep Bay

May 30th, 2006
Abandoned Dog and Huuna

So today on one of my many walks with Huuna I’m informed there is a dog on the loose on the spit. The story goes that someone drove to the spit let their dog out of the car then just drove off. People were shocked that someone would just abandon their dog, I wasn’t.

I had just seen the SPCA driving up and down the spit looking for it. They didn’t look very hard. After learning this tale I spotted the dog right away on the beach. Some other neighbours told me to try and catch it. I couldn’t get a loop around it’s neck. I didn’t have the right equipment, but it really liked Huuna. This was one horny dog.

So I led it and Huuna home and into the pen I had built. Then I had to call the SPCA. I couldn’t find their number so I called a vet and got it off them. I told them I caught the dog they were looking for in Deep Bay. They said they would be here in half an hour.

They weren’t. I had to stand outside and watch this strange dog try to have sex with Huuna for almost an hour. Huuna thinks everything is a game, but she got tired of this. I threw some treats in the pen, even half a slice of pizza. The other dog was only interested in one thing…

I was suppose to be watching the hockey game, not catching some strange dog. So eventually the SPCA shows up. The one woman in the van wouldn’t even go in the pen, how did she think I got the dog in there? She tried to bribe it with treats, I told her it wouldn’t work. Eventually we got the rope she brought around it’s neck and opened the gate.

The dog bolts right away. The woman didn’t have much of a grip on it I guess… So I had to again go into the pen and call Huuna in. The other dog followed. Finally the SPCA woman comes in with her rod with the loop on the end to snare the dog. But she can’t. Tired of this crap I step on the rope around the dogs neck and bend over and grab it, she was worried the dog would bite her. It wasn’t such a bad dog but it was getting upset at the repeated attempts to be lassoed. Then she loops her metal cable around it’s neck. Only then could I open the fence again.

She would have never gotten it in the van without me either. I had to open the second door of the van with one hand and drag the dog in. Immediately after this whole rigmarole, I get a call from someone down the street asking if the dog was caught. I said it was but it wouldn’t have been without me. They were surprised they sent one woman to catch the dog. I was surprised this person’s job was to catch dogs.

The other thing that pisses me off is no one else helped me catch the dog or bothered to help us get it into the van.

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