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Painted Goblin Command

September 29th, 2006
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So I saw an old friend of mine, Paul Taylor and he guilted me into doing some painting. Although I don’t know if I’ll ever get the army finished, I decided to paint the command group for a unit of goblins. I haven’t played fantasy for several editions and the last time I played I used some of my Nurgle deamons rather than my actual fantasy army because the deamons were painted.

I have a lot of plastic goblins, more than two 4th edition box sets worth. Being an unsophisticated Warhammer fantasy player I divided them into three units. A big unit of archers not quite thirty, a bigger unit of archers around 40, and all the spearman in one unit which numbers possibly over seventy models. Obviously you can leave a few goblins out if you’re tight on points and I plan to paint some netters and clubbers to bolster the Night Goblin archers with.

Painting an all goblin army

I’d already painted the fanatics and the rank and file and I’m now just one command section and a war machine or two away from 1000 points of Goblins. I don’t know when I’ll paint the war machines, at least one isn’t even assembled, but the other command sections will be done shortly. Goblins are relatively easy to paint, but painting hundreds in the same pose was too much for me, I had a little help with base coating and the highlights are minimal. I still need to base the army and paint and glue on all the shields before it is ready for the gaming table.

Highlighting Black

Primed Goblin Command

Since I don’t even dream of getting a 1000 point fantasy goblin army done in the near future, why paint the command? I wanted to practice highlighting black. I’m obviously using a drybrush technique for the most part, but for some character models I want to try to do edge highlights or a combination of dry brushing and edge highlights.

This command section only had edge highlights, but I lacked a middle grey, so I’ve since bought a pot of Fortress Grey. One thing I tried to do with this army was use the current GW paint range for the most part. But some of those pots have dried out. I use two greens and a wash one of which is Goblin Green for the skin of the rank and file, Codex Grey on the cloaks. The base color for the purple is Liche and for the blue which is only used if I already have a unit of similarly armed guys painted purple I use some of my out of print citadel colors.

Painting goblin flesh tone

Finished the main colors on the models

For the command section I used another layer of highlights including some old out of print citadel colors. I also spent a lot more work on the bones and did some little detail work. The next command section is for the middle sized unit and it contains a wizard, a more recent GW model too so I’m looking forward to painting it.

Badly Lit Photograph

I’m also working on a few other things including hopefully a higher quality converted model which is why I need to practice highlighting black with grey. The reason there are two standards is one is the army standard bearer. I may paint actual standards or I may just go with the banner poles or even a mix.

The completed models in my Goblin command section

The final picture was kinda crappy they actually look quite nice and took one afternoon/evening plus a little bit of detail work the next day. One of the many things I need to do is set up light box to better photograph my models. These were quick snaps, I have better pictures on Flickr so I embedded one below. I still haven’t finished this army but I did paint more goblins and night goblins and used them in Warcry.

Goblin Army


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