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Miniature Scale & Social Networking

October 11th, 2006
Social Media Icons

I actually got the idea behind these photos from something I saw over at Angela Imrie, an excellent female miniature painter from Calgary Alberta, took a picture of one of her miniatures positioned beside a quarter, no a US penny, the picture can be found here. I chose a slightly larger object but still one that anyone would be familar with the size of, in my case a 355ml can of soda.

The first time I did it, I only used the Phantom of the Rock Opera, as it was recently painted and featured in a blog posting. There are however many different miniature scales, I mainly paint Games Workshop miniatures so in the second picture are an Inquisitor scale Space Marine, the Phantom of the Rock Opera, a Chaos Terminator, a Plaguemarine, a Black Ork, and a Night Goblin musician. Inquisitor scale is 54 mm while regular Space Marines are 28 mm scale.

Noise Marine and pop can

Although I could have used some trickery, like forced perspective, I assure you all the objects are placed side by each, to sound Canadian. Maybe this will provide more insight to the casual blog surfer.

In today’s Globe and Mail was an article on social networking and blogging. The article preaches caution in using these applications particularly for job searchers so it hit close to home. At the end of the article were the following tips:

  1. Use privacy settings
  2. Use a pseudonym
  3. Search yourself
  4. Post positive information
  5. Post selectively
  6. Keep in touch with old classmates

Several miniatures positioned side by side to show scale

The first suggestion is something integrable to Vox but it runs counter to search engine optimization strategy and self marketing so it shouldn’t be used exclusively if you want people to read what you write. Same goes with using a pseudonym, it can be counter productive to building your personal brand. Suggestion three is best accomplished by creating a Google Alert for your own name, something I’ve advocated previously. The last three I haven’t done the best at…

The full text of Post positive information is:

Turn your profile into an on-line résumé. If you choose to make your profile publicly accessible, clean up what you might have had in there, and post information about work experience, hobbies, flattering pictures and insightful comments about anything from current events to your industry.

It specifically mentions hobbies such as painting miniatures which is in direct opposition to advice given to me recently by an MBA classmate. I’m unfortunately not on the best terms with some of my MBA classmates but I’m trying to be more positive both in my blogging and in my outlook on life, so perhaps things will improve in time.

A lot of time has passed, it is now 2021 and I’m probably wasting yet more time updating old blog postings. Comments may still be open, but if you really want to see my latest painted miniatures I now have an entire blog dedicated to that. The last models I finished were some Nurglings.

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