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McKay Family Reunion

November 14th, 2006
The Clan MacKay

A few days ago we drove to Victoria for the McKay family reunion or a close approximation. This was my dad’s dad’s side of the family. Besides my mom and my sister I had only met one person who was at the house prior to November 5th, 2006.

It was a long drive and we stayed longer than most. I used the timer on my camera to take the official photo. I also got tasked with making a digital online version of the family tree. I did things a bit different this time. I used Excel and exported the HTML which was ugly but at least viewable in a web browser. Eventually there are plans to have pictures of everyone when you click on their name. Thankfully the family tree isn’t that big and no one was worried too much over the branches we didn’t know and didn’t attend.

Scottish McKays of Vancouver Island reunion

Several people in the picture above have since passed on and we don’t seem to have big family gatherings as often as we did when I was a kid. I put a lot of work into the McKay family tree and now others seem to have a renewed interest in genealogy. None of them have travelled to Scotland to visit MacKay Country though. Distant Irish relatives have also recently invited us to visit.


  • Shirle McGimpsey says:

    Looking at your family tree- Andrew McKay & Janet Black are also part of my family history- Andrew’s sister Margaret Taylor McKay married Malcolm McPhee in Parkhead, Lanark, Scotland.Have traced other siblings to Canada

    • Muskie says:

      I’ve done a much bigger family tree. I’ll have to fire up Reunion to see if I have that connection. I bought the Book of McKay, the second book entitled that, it must be no longer copyright, or it was just reprinted. I was able to trace further back in other branches, I have some more recent posts on my family’s genealogy. 

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