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The Supersuckers are touring

November 21st, 2006
Rock On!

Yes the New York Dolls are touring though only two of the original members remain and they decided to reunite and tour and somehow the Supersuckers are their tourmates. I don’t think there are any Canadian dates at all, it is pretty much a US tour.

Anyway Eddie Spaghetti writes some notes from the road, that used to just come to fans via email but now shows up online at Eddie now posts to Instagram which I don’t think existed in 2006.

Eddie from the Supersuckers and Slash

Anyway some of Eddie’s ramblings and observations are funny. Of late he has taken to using his camera phone to take pictures of various celebrities that have shown up to see the New York Dolls, such as Slash.

Slash is doing fine besides G&R and the Snakepit, there was Velvet Revolver not to mention his appearance in the VW advertisement. The Supersuckers are now down to one original member and are a three piece but at one point they were the world’s greatest rock and roll band, you can leave a comment below if you disagree.

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