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South Park Quotation

January 3rd, 2007
Christmas in South Park

I never used to be much of a fan or South Park or even the Simpsons when they first came on the air. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands living in Deep Bay, I watch more TV and probably spend more time online than I ever have in my life. I don’t think it has been beneficial.

I still don’t care for some of South Park’s gross out humor, but I like it when they do satire. Tonight the Mormon episode was re-aired on Teletoon or one of the stations that shows South Park in Canada. It closes with the following quotation:

All I ever did was try to be your friend, Stan, but you’re so high and mighty you couldn’t look past my religion and just be my friend back. You’ve got a lot of growing up to do, buddy. Suck my balls.

I like this quotation and episode, but now the phrase “Suck my balls” appears on my domain. It is quotations like this and those from the Big Lebowski that lead to some of my more disturbing keyword referrals.

There is actually a really large website about this South Park episode and the Mormon Church, I’m always amazed at some of the stuff you can turn up with a simple Google.

The little Mormon boy Gary Harris was never seen in another South Park episode apparently. After many years and many more episodes making fun of many different things, the creators of South Park finally got around to Scientology and Issac Hayes after complaints from other celebrity Scientologists, quit the show. I don’t know if I ever saw that episode but I’ve seen Bowfinger which is an underated film.

At least I didn’t title this blog posting “Suck my balls“. Though this is my second posting directly after watching a South Park episode.

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