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Marc Stoiber Presentation

May 19th, 2008
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This week I saw Marc Stoiber speak, again. I had previously seen him speak while I was an MBA student. Sverre Panduro talked him into coming to speak at the UBC Net Impact club. I’ll never forget the look one of my classmates gave me at his presentation.

Marc Stoiber Said

  • Sustainability is innovation dressed in new colors.
  • Al Gore is not the messiah.
  • George W. Bush is a person we don’t want to be anymore.
  • Six sins of green washing
  • The Change Report
  • Best Green Brands (watchdogs/peers voting):
    • AB Ambro
    • MTR
    • Vestas
    • Westpak
    • Ericson
  • Best Green Brands (consumer voting):
    • Ford
    • BP
    • Toyota
    • Honda
    • GE
  • Other mentioned Good Green Companies: Virgin, Vancity, MEC
  • “All about getting laid.”
  • “Brands are our friends.”

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