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Majora Carter has left Vancouver

April 3rd, 2009
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Sustainability 2.0 is over and will be tough to top next year. I’m not sure how much time I spent helping organizing it, but I was getting paid to help at least most of the time. But it was a lot of work by Purdy, the Strathcona BIA, and others. Despite some hiccups and some audio and video troubles it came off well.

Majora Carter presenting at Sustainability 2.0

I left the after party early, so did Majora. She flies out at some god awfully early hour and thankfully I don’t have to drive her to the airport so I have returned my Zipcar. I got a few photos and after some cursing and investing in a lot of VGA cable we got Majora’s presentation to appear onscreen. It may appear in some form online, but you have to give us time to edit the video and convert the files.

There are photos of me and Majora, I know April insisted on taking one. It was pretty packed for her speech and despite some sidetracking into complaining about the Gateway project, people stayed to talk and get photos with Majora, until Nathan and I had to herd them out of the Chapel. In addition to chauffeur, and computer tech, I also had to mix the sound and get all the mics working well. I also had to DJ at the after party. Luckily I have like five years experience volunteering at CFUV.

Majora Carter and Shirley Chan

It is late and I have an 8:30 meeting which I need to prepare for, so this will have to do for the blogosphere. Raincoaster and others will undoubtedly weigh in.

Other voices from the void

Majora Carter and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson


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