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April 13th, 2009

I don’t know if I paint slow, or if I spend too much time for too little effect, or I just don’t know how to leave detail work undone. Regardless six more Diseased Sons will soon join the miniature cabinet. I need to take some better close up pictures in the daylight for the fanboys, but for now I’m drinking a Palm and listening to Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.

These models bolster my purple squads, giving them some champs and some more options to be fielded as renegades, havocs, or even Chosen of Nurgle. I like Chosen. I’ll put up some better picks on the Bolter and Chainsword and maybe elsewhere, but I really need to get to painting some new models, plus do a bunch of domestic chores.

There is a quick snap below but I’ll also go on Flickr and see if I can’t find a higher resolution image now that it is 2021.

Finished Purple Plaguemarines

And in 2021 not only do I have a dedicated miniature painting blog, I even played my first game of Warhammer 40,000 in seven years. Nurgle be praised! I think two of these models may have made it on to the tabletop. In the latest rules twenty model squads are no more so I have a lot of bolter armed Plague Marines paint purple, more than I’ll likely ever use. Let’s see what photos are actually on Flickr.

Plaguemarine Havoc

How ugly do you have to be, if you are a Plague Marine with a bag over your head? These are metal Plague Marine Havoc bits on a loyalist lower body. I actually like mixing bits from various kits but at some point Games Workshop increase the size of both Plague Marines and other models and their bases, so fixing that and adding more details to my bases is on the “to do” list in 2022. I may eventually field some of my models as Nurgle Renegades again as I have Nurgle models with actual heavy weapons.

If you have plans to finish painting miniatures in 2022 you can leave them below. I also suggest you follow some of the links above to my dedicated miniature painting blog. Apparently in a now deleted comment, there are closeups elsewhere on my website. I really need to take new pictures of old models in 2022 and upload them to Flickr or Instagram.

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