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Chaos Space Marine Havocs

May 20th, 2009
CSM Marine Helmet

Over the long weekend I did a lot of miniature painting, maybe too much. Combined with some guitar playing and my generally unhealthy lifestyle my back and my thumb on my painting hand were really sore. But that isn’t what this post is about. It is to show off some of the models I’ve completed over the last few days as well as some WIP pictures.

I’m gradually building towards an appearance at Astronomi-con Vancouver. The Nurglings are just remnants of an old idea as I can’t use them in my CSM army anymore.

A Chaos Havoc squad with autocanons

The main focus of my efforts was to get a squad of Chaos Havocs complete with four autocanons finished. They are pretty spiffy, too spiffy for the time and energy I have available. More pictures and in-progress pictures can be seen over at the B&C.

My demonic mount

I’m also working on a new lord to lead my forces at Astro. This is the base and the demonic mount for the Chaos Lord who I’ve dubbed Hewhocannotbenamed.

The most popular autocanon conversion

This conversion was the fourth I completed but the most popular one over at the Bolter and the Chainsword. I outlined how I built it over there too.

A Havoc made mostly of loyalist parts

This Havoc may have been the most work. I kinda made things up as I went. I got the Imperial Guard Autocanons off eBay then when the time came I just dug into my bit box and built them.

WIP Nurglings

I haven’t completely abandoned Nurgle. These Nurglings were bought for another army idea, which never came to be due to my MBA and the new Chaos Codex. I used these guys to test out some colors which you’ll see or not see in my Astronomi-con Vancouver army.

I eventually started a miniature painting blog. I also eventually majorly overhauled this blog to try and improve the Quality and the Utility and even the Economy. If you have any thoughts on painting you can leave them below.

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