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Joined the Wii Generation

June 16th, 2009

So I finally bought a next generation console. I’ve been telling people to buy Wii’s because they seem to be the most fun and most casual gamer friendly but due to my MBA and the unending debt and problems it generated I haven’t been in the market for fancy electronic doodads. That hasn’t stopped me from buying them and to get some fun out of my tax return I bought a Wii and the game I like the best.

It wasn’t Rockband, Wii Sports, or even Mario Kart Wii that finally necessitated a Wii purchase, but rather Super Smash Brothers Brawl! I like 2D fighting games and Street Fighter IV I’ll probably blog about, I know I blogged about Street Fighter II which I really need to buy the standup version for, there is no doubt I spent the most quarters on that of any game ever.

I’ve always been more of a standup and computer game player and this is my first Nintendo console. The only other console I ever bought was the Genesis when it was like 99 bucks plus I had a ColecoVision when I was a kid. I need to get that hooked up and operational, but I’m running out of inputs on my AV receiver. I can’t even do Component Video out from the Wii let alone HD.

I’ve wasted about 11 hours on Smash Brothers on my Wii in two days plus investigating other games for the Wii. I might get Mario Kart, but an old school RPG interests me. I might just go retro. I still am interested in playing Alpha Centauri but even more so Civ III Complete. Alas both aren’t jiving so well with the latest Mac OS X. I’m a fan of most things Sid.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to play Civ IV, I’m a Mac portable user and mine is long in the tooth. I guess when I buy a new one… I’m always a year or two or more behind the keeners. I’d rather play over and over a great game than try the latest flash in the pan. The game I’d really like to play besides SF IV on the Wii is Katamari Damacy. That is a really addictive game I played at Thor’s one afternoon, it seems to be just what the Wii would be good at. Simple repetitive game play, lots of collecting stuff, lots of different missions to try and retry to unlock things. And surely it could use the Wii remote.

It is many years later now and I’m updating my blog on an even longer in the tooth MacBook Pro as my post-MBA career is still not going well. I haven’t played a console game in years I think I’m two generations behind at least. I do have an iPad which Katamari Damacy did come out for, but I bought the iPad to help with my CFA® exam studies. I managed to pass all the exams. Lots of things haven’t worked out for me, but if you have thoughts on retro gaming consoles you can leave a comment below.

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