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July 19th, 2009

I finished MadWorld the other night. It is a lot harder on hard, so I don’t know if I’ll manage to play through it twice. It takes quite a while for an average person to beat it on normal, don’t let the so called online experts tell you otherwise.

It is a lot of fun but it does have really crude, repetitive, offensive humor. This is combined with a stark black, white, and red aesthetic. I like the look of the game but it is over the top and full of cliches. Even though I should be saving money I bought another game today.

I got Excite Bots Trick Racing, which is pretty fun. It is hard on your thumb, as are all driving games. Maybe Mario Kart is better, but I’ve played it a lot and I always liked pulling tricks and smashing stuff and you get points for that in Excite Bots Trick Racing. It is how many stars you earn not your placing, that determines if you unlock the next circuit/feature. You also spend your stars, so far I’ve been buying different colors but I may buy a new vehicle.

I stay away from online hints and walk-throughs as I want to get my money’s worth. One thing I discovered is you have to keep the controller jammed into the Wii Wheel pretty solidly or you’ll lose the B button responsiveness which is detrimental. I’m still learning my way in this game.

Wii Sports Resort comes out in a few days, but decided I wanted a game with lots of single player features as I never seem to have house guests anymore. I’ll get the Wii Motion Plus to try it out, too bad it won’t be backwards compatible with the sports game that comes with the console.

I’m still looking for a game with good Mii support, say a Mii brawler or a Mii RPG, I think that would be pretty cool. On the brawler front Spyborgs is getting some press as is a new TMNT game. I remember the original arcade brawler, I was always Donatello.

Not a lot of love for the RPG genre nowadays, I guess Diablo III will be the next big thing but it doesn’t seem to be a true RPG. It is now many years later and my Wii and all my gaming stuff has been in storage. I’ve been living in China and studying for CFA® exams. I thought passing all of them would turn my life around. I’m not sure I would recommend the program especially when you realize you must give up almost everything you enjoy in life for many years. If you have thoughts on old Wii games or the CFA program you can leave them below.


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