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Been Painting Chaos Space Marines

March 3rd, 2010
painting table

Over the last three or four years I’ve acquired a lot of models, particularly resin models for the trench table I plan to build. But before I can get started on that I wanted to clear off my painting desk a little so I’ve been poking away at four models that will be in my 2010 Vancouver Astronomi-con army.

At some point I moved around a lot of furniture and set up a new photo booth, with new lights from Ikea, alas my camera died, so I tried it out with my iPhone with disappointing results. I may lean in more next time, and I may invest in a new camera prior to Astronomi-con.

I keep buying new paints and was even talked into using a wet palette. Not sure if it will help much with speed, but I can see how it saves you some paint and helps with custom blending. I tend to be a wash centric painter and to build up from a black undercoat, but it is always good to have extra tricks in your painting toolkit.

WIP Obliterator

Trumpeter’s Salute is also coming up and I’m playing in that 40K tournament so these four models will be done by then and debut on those tables. I really need to crank out the 1 foot by 1 foot terrain squares, maybe I’ll do up a schedule. I also plan on painting a couple test models, then two new HQ choices and finally a rhino. Maybe that doesn’t seem like that much to some, but to me it seems like a lot.

Work In Progress Banner Bearer

These models are my very first Obliterator ever (and for the extra keen, the cheapest possible lascannon in Codex Chaos Space Marines) and three other models that allow my tactical squad to be a little more versatile and to have the Mark of Chaos Undivided. I’m big on lascannons and havoc missile launchers of late, but I may switch to something other than CSM after Astro Vancouver and the Trench Table are complete.

Oh if you ever wanted to know how miniatures get made, particularly pewter ones, or the history of Battletech and Iron Wind Metals check out this story.

Work In Progress Lascannon
Work In Progress Flamer

Eventually I started a miniature painting blog but my hobbies and projects all got put on hold as I couldn’t find steady work. I eventually moved to China and put everything in storage where it remained for many years. As 2021 came to an end I again edited a bunch of old blog posts.

Maybe long term I’m better off with a dedicated miniature painting blog, but a lot of old posts and old recipes are in this blog. I have an even older section of my website filled with miniature painting esoterica. In 2022 I’ll be back to painting Nurgle models. They still won’t be Death Guard but they’ll be using the Chosen Sons rules so expect me to field a lot of plague flamers or whatever they are called. The model above is actually a Nurgle flamer model, it came in a blister not specifically marked Nurgle, a really old blister, I don’t know if I’ll be able to find another.

I have so many unpainted models, more than I’ll ever finish. I stay off eBay but I’m in some private Facebook groups so maybe I’ll turn up a few more OOP Chaos Renegades. I bought one at Sentry Box in 2021, I still haven’t stripped it. My enthusiasm for stripping old models is negligible. There are so many amazing new models I haven’t painted, but I’ll be doing a lot of boring stuff like increasing the size of my 25mm bases to be 32mm bases. I recommend you follow my other blog, but if you have a question about these models you can leave it below.

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