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April 3rd, 2010

One thing my sudden unemployment will give me time to do is game. No not gamble, I know the value of a dollar and the odds to gamble much too well, I’m talking about playing games for fun. I just bought a new game for my Wii that I’ve been looking and waiting for, for half a year, maybe forever, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, which allows me to play obscure Japanese Anime characters fighting video game characters most famously a pair from Street Fighter 2. The game is crazy, but too easy using the Wii remote + Namchuku, so now I have the fight stick and it is more challenging and more like the years I spent battling in arcades across the world.

Tatsunoko VS Capcom Fightstick by Matcatz

I also have time for miniature painting and today made a trip to Richmond and Imperial Hobbies to get some new darker reds. I also got some mediums made by Vallejo to use with pigments, of which I now have several, but I’m lacking in skill with them. I plan to buy Forgeworld’s first painting book when I get the money and place an order to the UK. In the mean time I have tonnes of paint, too many unpainted models, and a whole battlefield worth of terrain to build.

Supposedly blogging about your hobbies is good, it shows I’m a well rounded person, that I have depth. So I plan to keep up with it, it also provides a little incentive and motivation, something I need. Gotta get back into going to the gym and keeping my apartment cleaner. It isn’t bad, but domestic chores, even cooking I’ve gotten good at putting off.

I bought three Reaper Master Series paints, they were one short of the dark red triad, but I have lots of bright reds made by GW, it was dark reds I’m lacking. I also picked up a terracotta, as that makes an excellent base for a nice deep dark red, brown can work too. I also picked up the new White Dwarf which shows the GW way of painting red, for the new Blood Angels release. This is the first codex and ruleset where I’ve seriously thought about starting a new army. Not now of course, I have to finish my chaos space marines, or at least another 20 or 30 of them. I then plan to work on rebel guard and of course orks, mostly models I own, but maybe in a year or two I’ll do up 1500 points of jump pack and lightning striking Blood Angels, though I’ll do some other paint scheme, I’m thinking pale, pale, pale blue, the Blue Angels.

But first I have to save my test bezerker from becoming too orange and shiny, plus finish off my test WWI Canadian colors IG guardsmen, which will get some mud for sure now. I also plan on testing colors on Nurglings, maybe even on a Plaguebearer, that’s what I use them for now that I got so many painted, heck I can’t even use Nurglings in my Diseased Sons anymore. Then the talk ends and the carving pink Styrofoam begins as I make my trench table tiles.

Plus I still haven’t tried Civilization IV on my new Macbook Pro, which should play it just fine, but I don’t really want to devote ten hours a day to it. Wii is better for breaks, than the one more turn nature of Civ.


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