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May 6th, 2010
The Lifeship book cover

Another day, another old Science Fiction book read and another Canucks’ loss. I also played Civ and guitar instead of being more productive, though finishing off a book has to count for something, alas it was an old Sci-Fi book from 1976 called “the Lifeship”. This time the cover had more to do with the story and the author’s have considerably bigger reputations, one I’ve read extensively, which is probably why the book got saved.

How do you co-author a work of fiction? Having read “The Last Theorem” with it’s half dozen prefaces and epilogues, I’ve learned how it is in some cases. One artist originates the idea, but either doesn’t have the time, energy, or creativity to finish it, but edits and makes sure certain ‘truths’ and themes are adhered too. Still seems awkward, but writer’s block is real, though difficult to understand, but where does creativity come from?

Neither book is great, but just by reading two books, you could say you’ve read: Harry Harrison, Gordon R. Dickson, Fredrick Pohl, and Arthur C. Clarke, that would give you some Sci-Fi cred. I have plenty of Sci-Fi cred, though mostly I’m critical of the genre as being cliche filled and full of people who are trying to be something they aren’t and in pursuit of the almighty buck, rather than literary immortality.

Another way to cover a lot of literary giants, or genre legends, is to read a collection of short stories. I haven’t read “War and Peace” or “Anna Carina” but I’ve read Tolstoy, there have been some great Sci-Fi short stories, stories that became movies like 2001, Blade Runner, Minority Report, many works by Phillip K. Dick are short stories.

Once again I’ve collected a bunch of links that won’t really help me get a job, unless I get interviewed by an old school Sci-Fi fan. I’m meaning to write more on looking for a job in Vancouver, social media marketing, and socially conscious consumers. You can see some of my better, more professional writings online, you once could read me quoted in Canadian Business magazine.

Now it is many years later. I sacrificed reading for pleasure for many years in order to pass all three CFA® exams. If you have thoughts on old science fiction books or blogging you can leave a comment below.

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