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November 10th, 2010

After rolling back the clock so to speak to three or four weeks ago. I did the dishes and decided to nothing couldn’t wait until tomorrow and ended up playing Avernum 6 for quite a bit while enjoying a beer. Things went relatively well in the game, I completed some missions, advanced the plot line, my team is working a lot better, as they have better gear, skills, and magic powers. I still think I like the Undercroft style better, but Avernum has a lot to see and do. I took a couple screen shots so those that take issues with the graphics can raise their petty little heads perhaps.

Every RPG has an inventory screen now a days

I also have two suggestions to the designer for future games. Since a lot of time in a new area or after a fight you have to pick up stuff on the ground, it seems to me a grab everything button would be of use. I admit often I only grab the better stuff that I find as you can only carry so much, but rarely do I use up all the slots on all four party members.

The other feature is notes. In the bigger RPGs in the old days, you had to make notes about where you’ve been, what you need to do etc. etc. Now-a-days the quests are written down for you and the game maps as you go. That said I still needed to do some of my own mapping in Undercroft to solve mazes and in Avernum 6 since I like a lot of people game on a laptop, I’d like to be able to write notes in game about who I’ve meant why I’m carrying around four bottles of wine, etc. etc. The mission summary isn’t always sufficient and sometimes you just want to go some place and buy something or trade for it, regardless of your mission, or there is a room you couldn’t unlock but hopefully now that you’ve leveled up you can.

Map of my partially complete Avernum 6 game

I ran some errands today so I have my NAD back. I haven’t hooked it up yet, but I’ll do that tonight. I missed being able to listen to music, watch DVDs, even use my Wii. I’m going to take a video game vacation. Not that video games are the cause of all my problems. I can go months and months without gaming. However regularly getting a good night’s sleep is healthy and I think I can make more productive use of my time, reading, going to the gym, even painting again. So starting tomorrow I’ll be taking a break from Avernum 6 and Red Steel 2 will remain just a plan to play even though I already bought it.

Now it is about nine years later and I’ve never gotten my post-MBA career on track but I did manage to pass all three CFA® exams. To do so required me sacrificing too much including all my hobbies. I did go to the gym, I even lost weight until my knee finally gave out. Now I’m back at my mom’s house, editing old blog posts to try and leverage this blog more and once again am looking for work. I think I bought the next Spiderweb Software game but my life is just not settled enough to enjoy gaming much but I did play a lot of Civilization V between exams.

If you have any thoughts on role-playing games or finding a job you can leave them below.

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  • Muskie says:

    I got my home theatre and computer system back to working. It is nice to be able to listen to music while I type, since I’m going to have to do a lot of typing on my laptop again real soon. My apartment also looks cleaner with all the excess cables and parts removed. Alas I bought that new graphics card and FedEx has twice tried to deliver it, so I’ll have to take my G4 literally apart again real soon.

    I also removed yet more money from RRSP, good thing I keep investing in winners or more truthfully have stayed in the same few stocks for quite a while now.

    Also now has some data to look at so I can get some new results when I built my next mashup.

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