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Shanghai Skyline at Night

October 1st, 2015
Double I heart Shanghai

Last night was National Day night and the buildings in Shanghai had some new never before seen tricks, the tallest building seemed to have finally achieved fully operational Deathstar status, but I actually spent more time trying to capture “I heart Shanghai” and test out the various modes/scenes/settings on my Panasonic camera. I really must bring a tripod or at least a mini-tripod next time I do this.

I should have taken even more photos perhaps but I got hungry and I got tired of waiting for ads to play to get the illusive double “I heart Shanghai”. Other buildings did cool stuff too, I should have shot video or perhaps I have to get a new apartment with a strategic balcony. I was really cursing the Chinese Internet this morning it timed out repeatedly during my Flickr uploads, but I think I’ll just upload even less photos to Flickr. Below are the top photos.

Slow Boat in China
I heart Shanghai
Cool Blue Night Sky
Double I heart Shanghai

More Photos

Coworkers must have been inspired as the next night I was summoned to Lujazhui aka the other side of the river to photograph the tall buildings and play Shanghai tour guide. Then after the rain ceased and the clouds were still low I went and spent another night photographing Shanghai’s skyline. I think I’m getting the hang of the quickest way to get good pictures from my camera, I’ll have to branch out more, but I like “Cool Blue Night” mode and I also use Intelligent Auto+ and “Artistic Night” mode.

Still looking for the perfect I heart Shanghai photo
Artistic Night Mode
I Heart Shanghai Option 2
Remember what mode your camera is in
The Big 3

If you have thoughts on photos I took back in 2015 you can leave a comment below. I believe some on the Internet liked the one directly above. I’m still partial to double I heart Shanghai photo myself.

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