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Pictures of Tsinghua

September 27th, 2005
Tsinghua University seal

So we are into our third week of the semester. Next week is a national holiday, I don’t have anything big planned. I may have missed out on a few trips, such as the one being organized by Ron Kwok. But I’m not heartbroken, well I’m not heartbroken over missing Ron’s trip. We have some pretty social people in our class with the Germans and Danes always out drinking somewhere.

I haven’t done much serious drinking but I’ve enjoy a few beers with meals. One recent sunny day I went all over campus taking pictures, here is a selection of them so the folks back home can see what campus looks like.

Tsinghua at it's most impressive

The Law Building, School of Economics and Management are on the left

The main SEM building from behind in the square

Inner square of SEM building

The second most important SEM building

Another building that is part of the School of Economics and Management

One of the greener spots on campus

One of the small parks that dot the campus

Update: Many years later I returned to campus and Wu Dao Kou, a lot had changed. I also ended up living, working, and studying in Shanghai, but once again despite passing all my exams I can not find a job, so I’m updating my blog in an effort to leverage it more in my career or at least my job search and personal brand building.

40th Anniversary of the Tsinghua School of Economics and Management

I still follow my old alma mater or at least some of them on Twitter. The irony of Tsinghua University having a Twitter account with it still being banned inside China is apparently lost. I meant to dig this old post up and tweet it out as I believe there is a special hashtag, yes #SEM40 and it is also the 113th birthday of the universe itself #Tsinghua113 is that hashtag. If you have thoughts on Tsinghua, Twitter or hashtags you can leave a comment below. Me I am once again redoing my taxonomy and updating old blog posts.

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