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Hangin’ with the undergrads

October 13th, 2005
Tsinghua University seal

With the spread of my presentation prowess, I’ve been tasked with helping some Tsinghua undergrads win a case competition run by Citigroup in Hong Kong. After passing on what little wisdom I possess, we went for dinner.

One team member broke his leg so he couldn’t even present today. The other guy eventually bailed as I regaled them with tales of my exploits, particularly while in SE Asia. I told them all about buying water in Cambodia and the scams they run in Bangkok. Eventually we could eat no more so we settled the bill and wandered home.

Undergrad team

One of the girls is one quarter Korean, can you tell which one? One thing I learned from them is that if I want to meet Korean girls I should hang out by Beijing Language University which is just down the road from Tsinghua. That is also where the best Korean restaurants are. Apparently Chinese are a minority there, such are the droves of Koreans in town to study Mandarin. In Wu Dao Kou there are lots of Koreans, there are many businesses that cater to them. I doubt I’ll woo any Korean girls anytime soon.

Me and some undergrad girls

Update: Tsinghua did not win the case competition. I probably should have entered a case competition when I had a chance, my post-MBA career has not gone well but I did pass all three CFA® exams. I’ve also spent entirely too much time updating this blog over the last decade plus.

In 2024, I did another complete overhaul of my blog’s taxonomy. I think I am still Facebook friends with one of my undergrads I mentored, they likely went on to have more successful careers than me. Now I spend all my time double checking portfolio performance and ensuring data quality primarily in SQL. People forget I can present until I am actually called upon give another PowerPoint presentation.


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