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So what is a Trackback?

October 17th, 2005
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As I’m still new to the whole blogging scene, as are a number of my loyal readers, I thought I would delve a little deeper into the various features of a blog. I’ve already written about RSS so now I’m moving on to Trackback. There are already a number of articles online on how Trackbacks work, but some of my readers might not even know of the existance of Trackback. Trackback is another one of those little links you see at the bottom of a post similar to the RSS feed. Basically if used correctly it lets other bloggers know that you are reading their blog and talking about it on your own blog.

I have not been using it correctly on Muskblog, so I set out to see how to make it go in WordPress, and in the process I thought I would inform my readership of the feature, so they too can use it should they have their own blog. As the article linked to above mentions, Trackback takes a little more work than PingBack, but it looks cool when part of your webpage appears on someone elses webpage. Aparently this is another major source of spam but the WordPress crew seem to have been able to keep the spammers at bay so far.

Now I plan to go through a few old posts and see if I can’t ‘trackback’ to blogs I’ve referenced in the posts.

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